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  • Positions of the snipers on trees and in bushes
  • Mine-fields
  • Bullet-proof walls
  • Machine guns outside a zone of operations
  • Non closed space
  • Waypoint for PODBot2.5
"cs_mansion" + "cs_deathmatch" + "medal of honor" = "cs_chechnya"

The demonstrative maps of "cs_chechnya" and "de_chechnya" for 6 players.
The original versions for 30 players.

The demonstrative maps of "cs_mansion_2004", "de_mansion_a,b,c,d", " for 6 players.
The original versions for 20 players.


1.Transfer sum of money 1 USD


2.Send e-mail: in your e-mail write it down, please, the name of your, country, city, region, the sum of money, date.

Then you receive original versions of the maps "cs_chechnya" and "de_chechnya" for 30 players as files - cs_chechnya.bsp and de_chechnya.bsp.
Plus "cs_mansion_2004", "de_mansion_a, b, c, d", for 20 players.

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